You’re Guaranteed To Go Agro Over These Ice Cream Cone Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Agro, in his own words, is “a forty year old bath mat with a hand up his butt.”

If you didn’t grow up in the ’90s or you haven’t seen the new Uber Eats television ad campaign, then what we just typed probably comes across as complete gibberish.

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The star of Australian kids morning television, we grew up watching him before school on Agro’s Cartoon Connection (ACC). Operated and voiced by Jamie Dunn, the show aired from 1989-1997 on Channel 7.

Credit: Seven Network

Perhaps our memory is no longer the best, but apparently Agro’s surname is Vation – as in, his full name is Agro Vation (aggravation). This goes a long way to justify his personality.

You could describe Agro as the Deadpool of the Australian puppet scene. He would often break the fourth wall, at times use adult humour, and was so self aware that he would make reference to being a puppet and unable to move his legs.

To really ruin your childhood memories, Agro was originally an altered 1978 Animal (from The Muppet Show) Fisher-Price toy. He had to be rebuilt from scratch in 2001 when he disintegrated.

Agro tattoos are as rare as his media appearances, but something we did find were a couple of Agro ice cream cone tattoos. The Agro cone was a vanilla ice cream cone covered in chocolate shavings and lollies.

Did you enjoy an Agro cone or watching ACC as a kid? These tattoos are sure to bring back some memories from that time…


Neo trad willy wagtail on an Agro ice cream. Tattoo by @ebony_mellowship


Agro cone tattoo by @adsink