Wrestling Weapons Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

A wrestling inspired tattoo doesn’t have to be a portrait or logo of a specific wrestler. Other aspects associated with wrestling, such as steel chairs, thumbtacks, barbed wire baseball bats, can make for unique and interesting addition to a wrestling themed sleeve, or even act as a gap filler to your existing body of work.

Some wrestlers have a weapon of choice, like HHH with his sledgehammer or Sandman with a Singapore cane, and others just grab whatever they find under the ring or at ringside.

Hardcore matches are notorious for the use of the strangest weapons like fire extinguishers, cookie sheets, trash cans, and even bowling balls. Then there’s the classic TLC match where tables, ladders, and chairs are often used for anything but their intended use.

There’s one thing for sure: we can promise you that a wrestling weapon tattoo won’t hurt nearly as much as being hit with the actual weapon.

What is your weapon of choice?


TLC, sledgehammer and WWF Women’s Championship Title tattoo by @ashleyluka



Miniature Honky Tonk Man and broken guitar tattoo by @petepedersen