where is feitan’s tattoo

Feitan’s tattoo is located on his right shoulder and it is a black and white illustration of a lion. The tattoo has become a signature for Feitan, who is a character from the anime series Hunter x Hunter. It serves as a reminder of his strength and power, and is often seen as an emblem of his commitment to protecting those he cares about.Feitan’s tattoo is located on the right side of his face, just below his eye.

What Does Feitan’s Tattoo Look Like?

Feitan, a character from the popular anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter, is known for his distinct tattoo on his right arm. The tattoo is a black circle with four curved lines radiating out from its center. It is said to be a representation of the four elements, earth, fire, water and air. As the story progresses, the tattoo changes to represent different elements and powers.

Feitan’s tattoo has become an iconic symbol in the Hunter x Hunter fandom. It is seen as a representation

Is Feitan’s Tattoo a Secret?

Feitan, one of the most powerful characters in the manga Hunter x Hunter, is known for his unique tattoo. The tattoo is a large black and white phoenix that takes up most of his back. While it is not clear what the significance of the tattoo is, many fans have speculated that it holds some kind of hidden meaning.

The tattoo is often seen in moments when Feitan is feeling particularly strong or determined, which has led some fans to believe that it may be a symbol of his inner strength

Feitan’s Tattoo

Feitan is a character from the anime Hunter x Hunter. He has a tattoo of a horned demon on his back that he got while in the Phantom Troupe. The tattoo was created by the Phantom Troupe’s leader, Chrollo Lucilfer, as a sign of loyalty and solidarity.

The design of Feitan’s tattoo is very detailed and intricate, with multiple layers of shading and line work to give it a realistic look. The colors used are mostly black and red, with some yellow accents to give it an

What Does the Design on Feitan’s Tattoo Represent?

Feitan’s tattoo is a representation of his inner strength and determination. It symbolizes his willingness to fight for what he believes in and his resilience in the face of adversity. The design consists of a red dragon surrounded by flames and a black shield with the words “FIGHT” written across it. The dragon represents courage, strength, and power, while the shield symbolizes protection from harm. The words “FIGHT” represent Feitan’s commitment to never give up, even in the face of overwhelming odds

Is the Design on Feitan’s Tattoo Unique?

Feitan’s tattoo is truly unique. The intricate design features a large dragon, with several smaller dragons intertwined in it. The dragon has been shaded and colored to give it an almost 3D effect. The colors used are vibrant and stand out against the black ink of the tattoo. The intricate details of this tattoo are what makes it so special – from the scales and claws of the dragons to the patterns within them. It’s a truly stunning piece of artwork that is sure to turn heads wherever Feitan goes.

Why Did Feitan Get a Tattoo in the First Place?

Feitan, a member of the Phantom Troupe in the anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter, has a tattoo of a spider on his right chest. This tattoo is an important part of Feitan’s identity and serves as a reminder of his past. It also symbolizes his loyalty to the Phantom Troupe and their mission to protect its members from harm.

Feitan got the tattoo shortly after joining the Phantom Troupe. The spider symbolizes the group’s unity and

How Long Has Feitan Had His Tattoo for?

Feitan has had his tattoo for several years now. He first got it when he was still a young adult, and it has been a part of his life ever since. The exact date of when he got it is unknown, but it is estimated to have been at least a few years ago.

The tattoo itself is a large, intricate design that covers most of Feitan’s left arm. It features several symbols that represent different aspects of his life and beliefs, as well as an inscription written in


It is not clear exactly where Feitan has his tattoo, as it is not something he shares with the public. However, based on the information gathered from various sources, it is likely that he has a tattoo of a phoenix on the back of his neck. This could be to represent his strength and resilience against all odds, which is a quality he has demonstrated throughout his life. Additionally, it could be a symbolic reminder to himself of how far he has come and what he stands for.

Regardless of where Feitan’s tattoo is located, one