We Love These Tattoos by Jody Dawber – And That’s Not Just Lip Service – Littered With Garbage

Get lippy with a mouth tattoo from Jody Dawber!

The UK tattoo artist has been based at The Dolorosa Tattoo Co. in Studio City (Los Angeles), California for a couple of years now; we’ve been huge fans for much longer, with Jody’s work featured in over 60 articles here on LWG.

Jody is known for beautiful animal, flower, spoopy horror, and the occasional pop culture pieces in her bold and lasting neo trad style. While we personally feel that there’s nothing quite as iconic as the lips at the beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jody’s lip tattoos come damn close.

Lip and mouth tattoos have already appeared on our website in the form of vampire fangs and biting into cherries, along with lip products such lipstick and Lip Smackers, but we love how Jody has made them her own. If you, too, have a fascination with lip and mouth tattoos then Jody could be the next addition on your tattoo artist wish list.

Choose a word or short phrase you often say or pick a theme, and then decide on whether you want more teeth on show, biting lips, or even a mouth blowing a bubble with gum – Jody will bring your vision to life.

Check out our fave lip tattoos below and then give Jody a follow on Instagram.


Love me lips tattoo by @jodydawber