Top Billy Joel Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

With a music career spanning six decades, it is surprising how little love there is for Billy Joel in the tattoo world. The “Piano Man” singer turns 70 in May, so 2019 seems just about the right time to show him your appreciation.

Aside from Fantasies & Delusions, a classic album which he composed the music for, 1993’s River of Dreams is Joel’s twelfth and final studio album. While he continues to tour, you’ll have to dive back into his back catalog of hundreds of songs and thousands of images from which to base a tattoo design around.

Maybe you’ve been fortunate to see Billy Joel perform live, he was the first record or CD you purchased, or just happens to be your favourite musical artist – whatever the reason behind your desire for a Billy Joel themed tattoo, we implore you to choose the right artist. Select someone based on the style of tattooing you prefer, and check out both their fresh and healed work before making that appointment. For such a sentimental piece you don’t want to end up bitterly disappointed.

Be inspired by these pieces to either be literal (portrait) or abstract (subtle reference) with your own Billy Joel tattoo.


Colour realism Billy Joel portrait tattoo by @alan_morris_tattoo


Billy Joel x Mets (baseball) tattoo by @benjaminhaft


Stylised neo trad Billy Joel tattoo by @gibb0o


Abstract traditional Billy Joel themed tattoo by @gorillaboxer

stylised-billy-joel-and-piano-tattoo Stylised Billy Joel and piano tattoo by @gibb0o