Top 8 ‘Legally Blonde’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Based on Amanda Brown’s novel and her experiences at Stanford Law School, Legally Blonde follows Elle Woods on her journey from sorority girl to Harvard Law School graduate.

The 2001 romantic comedy breaks down stereotypes and shows just how damaging they can be. You can be intelligent and driven but still have a keen interest in fashion and beauty – they are not mutually exclusive.

Stereotypes are something which tattooed people have been dealing with for decades. While the increasing numbers of tattooed people have shifted the public’s perception slightly, tattoos (and piercings) are still expected to be hidden or removed in some professional environments. It’s important to remember that a person’s physical appearance does not dictate their intelligence or their abilities.

There are currently few Legally Blonde tattoos in existence but that might change come May 2020 when Legally Blonde 3 hits cinemas.

Are you excited enough about the film that you want to get a tattoo, too? Take a look at our top eight picks for some inspiration.