Top 8 Disco Ball Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Mirror ball or glitter ball are alternative names for the disco balls that decorated nightclubs in the 1920s, discotheques from the ’60s-’80s, and any good roller disco.

You can even find a huge disco ball on the promenade in Blackpool, UK, and the UK Strictly Come Dancing and US Dancing With The Stars champions receive a glitter ball trophy.

You might think that disco balls have fallen out of fashion, however they’re more popular in tattooing than some other pop culture shows, films and characters so far featured on LWG.

If you’ve got moves like the cast of Saturday Night Fever, or you love nothing more than a good roller disco, then a disco ball could the perfect addition to your tattoo collection.

Your tattoo could combine with references to disco music, roller skates, or simply anything else that you like; there are no rules for what imagery can and cannot be paired together (unless your tattoo artist advises otherwise).

For all die-hard fans still mourning the internet’s loss, how about a tattoo of Jenna Marbles from when she turned herself into a disco ball and sat in front of green screen? Julien fans currently outnumber Jenna in the tattoo world.

No matter whether or not you have the urge to get a new tattoo, put on a playlist of your favourite disco tunes and take a look at this selection of the top eight disco ball tattoos.


Disco ball tattoo by @lindseebeetattoo


Botanical disco ball tattoo by @rizzaboo


Party flamingo and disco ball tattoo by @crispylennox


Sparkly disco ball tattoo by @keelyglitters


Healed Kylie Mingoue themed disco ball tattoo by @samilocke


Sparkly disco ball tattoo by @mahaganyshaw


Groovy disco ball tattoo by @aislynleigh


Disco ball tattoo by @rizzaboo