Top 8 Charmed Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Charmed hit television screens in October 1998, running for 8 seasons, before ending in 2006 after a total of 178 episodes. The Constance M. Burge female-lead show was a more mature and darker rival of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch television series.

Were you Team Sabrina or Team Charmed as a kid?

The show followed sister witches living and working in San Francisco. Dubbed the Charmed Ones, Prue, Piper and Phoebe used the “Power of Three” to protect themselves and other potential victims from demons and warlocks. Paige was introduced to the series as their half-sister following Prue’s death in the season three finale.

In the decade since the series finale, no other witch shows have proven to be as successful as the original Charmed. The Charmed reboot has just returned for its second season, as has Sabrina – only time will tell if these shows reach the same cult-following as their original counterparts.

When it comes to tattoos, however, generic witches outnumber the Charmed Ones 180:1. We only managed to find six (now eight) decent ones from the few hundred there are online. Maybe we need to consult the Book of Shadows and find a spell which will convince more fans to get tattooed?

Until then, enjoy these top Charmed tattoos.


Book of Shadows tattoo by @missquartz


Traditional Book of Shadows tattoo by @avalontattoo


Neo trad Charmed house tattoo by @mermaidsketches


Pastel Charmed potion tattoo by @katweir


Traditional style Book of Shadows tattoo by @avalontattoo


Colour realism Belthazor foot tattoo by @sun_retro


Charmed themed Book of Shadows tattoo by @atelierelectricheart