Top 8 Bubble O’Bill Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

What we grew up believing to be a classic Australian ice cream actually turns out to be American. Bubble O’Bills were first produced in the US in 1985 and also available in the UK, but are now only sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Bubble O’Bill is a pun on Buffalo Bill, an old west figure which explains his cowboy hate, gumball for a nose, and a hole in the hat to represent a gunshot. Apparently the ice cream was originally to be called Wubble O’ William – we kind of love this silly name but understand why it was changed.

Opening up the packaging, the ice cream never looked as it should. Bubble O’Bill’s face always had deformed facial features and the gumball was never in the correct position, but none of that mattered because it was delicious.

If you’re of a certain age you may recall a time when Pauls sold an Agro ice cream (different to these ones) which closely resembled Bubble O’Bill.

The only thing missing from this collection of Bubble O’Bill tattoos is the sayings printed on his gumball nose. Unless you get a full back piece featuring the ice cream the text will be so small that you’ll lose the detail as the tattoo ages. Alternatively, you could choose to skip the saying, or add the wording elsewhere in the piece.

Were Bubble O’Bill ice creams a favourite of yours as a child?


Bubble O’ Bill tattoo by @katweir


Bubble O’Bill ice cream and kawaii Vegemite tattoo by @royal_oil_art


1 of 2 matching Bubble O Bill tattoos by @melodycrowtattoos


Illustrative lady and Bubble O’Bill ice cream tattoo by @onnieolearytattoo


Bubble O’Bill Murray tattoo by @theleisurebandit


Bubble O’Bill popsicle tattoo by @carlatattoos


Bubble O’ Bill ice cream tattoo by @naepiernebulatattoo

2-of-2-matching-bubble-o-bill-tattoos 2 of 2 matching Bubble O Bill tattoos by @melodycrowtattoos