Top 7 Vegemite Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Vegemite was created almost one hundred years ago (1922) in Melbourne, Australia by Cyril Percy Callister. The product was created from brewers yeast extract, a by-product of beer production at local breweries.

In 1954 the “We’re happy little Vegemites” jingle was first broadcast on the radio, with television commercials produced in the following decades. Vegemite even got a mention in Men At Work’s 1981 song “Down Under.” If you were born prior to the turn of the century then you’re sure to know all the words, and we must apologise if either of these songs are now stuck in your head all day.

Vegemite is said to put a rose on every cheek – that’s probably only possible if you get your tattoo on your bum cheek, but let’s save your tattoo artist the horror of dealing with that.

Love it or hate it, these seven people have chosen to have their fondness for Vegemite on full display. Will you be joining them?


Vegemite and Australian botanicals tattoo by @missquartz


Black cockatoos and vegemite tattoo by @jacklesdouglas


Traditional Vegemite tattoo by @avalontattoo


Bubble O’Bill ice cream and kawaii Vegemite tattoo by @royal_oil_art