Top 7 Soy Sauce Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Soy sauce has been produced and used for over a millennia (2200+ years) in ancient China. It first spread to other regions of Asia, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that it first made its way to Europe. Soy sauce has only been produced in the US for just over a century.

Soy sauce is referred to as different names or English translations depending on the language or dialect of a specific region. These names include sauce oil, seasoning sauce, fermented bean oil, kecap, and toyo.

Soy sauce is made through a fermentation process, using soybean paste, roasted grain, brine and fungus (mould). It doesn’t sound all that appetising, but some meals just wouldn’t be the same without some soy sauce on the side.

Just as some meals need a touch of that salty, fermented taste, there are some people that felt their tattoo collection needed a soy sauce addition. Seven of these tattoos have made the cut and we’ll admit that a soy sauce piece looks no different than that of any other food or drink tattoo.

Do you love soy sauce enough to get a tattoo?



Kawaii sushi and soy sauce tattoo by @chelseytattoos


Floral kawaii sushi and soy sauce tattoo by @bklynbeee


Kawaii Luna sushi and soy sauce tattoo by @carly.kawaii