Top 60 Donut Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Doughnuts or donuts? If you were to Google that query you’ll be inundated with links to opinion pieces debating the merits of each spelling.  LWG are all about saving you time and energy, so we’ll break it down for you. Technically doughnut is correct and the spelling you’ll find the dictionary; however, donut is the common form of the word in America, and was adopted by the masses in the 20th century.

If there’s one person (character, rather) famously known for their love of donuts, it is Homer Simpson – unsurprisingly, he makes a few appearances in this list. It’s debatable whether Homer could even spell donut, so let’s get onto what both you and he love: donuts, specifically donut tattoos.

A large percentage of these donuts are covered in pink icing and sprinkles, so you may want to select a different colour combination, or choose a cream or jam-filled donut to feed your donut tattoo needs. Places like Krispy Kreme and even your local bakery can provide some further flavour and design inspiration for your piece.

Get ready to drool like Homer Simpson over these top 60 tattoos. Start scrolling!


  • First Friday of June – National Donut/Doughnut Day
  • September 14 – National Cream Filled Donut Day
  • November 6 – National Donut/Doughnut Day (yes, there’s two of them!)