Top 6 Sting Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Originally a bodybuilder, Steve Borden (Sting) began his wrestling training/career alongside the Ultimate Warrior. The 60-year-old spent an incredible 30 years in the wrestling industry – 14 of those with WCW and a further 11 with TNA.

Fans were excited to finally see Sting in a WWE ring however, after not even a full year, his career was tragically cut short. Tomorrow (April 2nd) marks three years since Sting was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, where he used his speech to reveal that, due to a neck injury sustained at Night of Champions in September of 2015, he was announcing his retirement from wrestling.

Wiht such a long and decorated career, Sting is one of those wrestlers who won’t soon be forgotten – especially if he’s tattooed on your body.

There’s not much inspiration when it comes to Sting tattoos; being such a niche tattoo choice just means that your own tattoo will be far more unique than most other tattoo themes. Ultimately it comes down to which version of Sting is your favourite: will you choose one of Sting’s 80s or early 90s bright and colourful face paint combinations; nWo Wolfpac Sting; or the iconic The Crow-esque black and white Sting?


Neo trad Sting tattoo by @thomaslheureux


Sting themed scorpion tattoo by @troymorttattooer


Painterly colour realism Sting tattoo by @drearttattoo


New school Sting tattoo by @onemanriet


Traditional style Sting face split tattoo by @nate_sprenkle_tattoos