Top 6 Mr. Bean Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Mr. Bean, the iconic character created by Rowan Atkinson, has been on our screens for over 30 years.

Originally airing between 1990 and 1995, the 15 episodes of Mr. Bean were written by Atkinson along with Ben Elton, Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll. Like Fawlty Towers, there a very few episodes in the Mr. Bean series, but that’s never deterred us (or any fan) from watching each several times over.

Mr. Bean is a rather strange and awkward man, always finding himself in ridiculous situations. Some favourites of ours include gasping for air when walking past the perfume counters, and celebrating his own birthday at restaurant where he mistakenly orders steak tartare.

Mr. Bean contains so little dialogue making Atkinson’s performance and portrayal of the Mr. Bean character all the more powerful and impressive. Mr. Bean has aired in over 200 territories; the comedy is accessible even in non-English speaking countries due to the emphasis on physical comedy.

Episode 7 titled “Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean” (1992) involved Mr. Bean cooking a meal and ending up with a turkey stuck on his head; six years later, a similar thing happened on Friends “The One with All the Thganksgivings” (Season 5 – Episode 8).

With a worldwide audience, Mr. Bean hit the bit screen with Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie in 1997. The film co-starred Peter MacNicol (Ghostbusters II and Addams Family Values) and made $250 million at the box office. What always comes to mind is the scene where Mr. Bean takes photograph of motorcyclist.

A decade later, Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) was released – it’s not a direct sequel but a standalone film.

In more recent years, younger generation have been introduced to Atkinson’s character through the animated Mr. Bean television show. 130 episodes across five seasons have aired at various times over the past (almost) twenty years.

Will your tattoo be based on a favourite segment; one of the films or the animated show; or just be a portrait of Mr. Bean? No matter your choice of imagery, just like the man/character himself, the tattoo will tell a story without a word having been spoken.


Mr Bean and his car tattoo by @coryhaberman


Mr Bean tattoo by @zarallosink