Top 55 Aladdin Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

People who still have misconceptions about tattoos and tattooed people are probably unaware of just how benign and child-like some tattoos can be. Disney themed pieces are their own sub-culture within the tattoo community – some artists exclusively tattoo Disney imagery.

With the modern Disney classic about to be released as a live action film, let’s explore a whole new world of Aladdin tattoos.

Do you prefer the villainous characters of Jafar and Iago? Are you looking to commemorate Robin Williams as the fun-loving genie? Does the marriage of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine = relationship goals? Or, do you just love all things Disney?

Here’s a selection of the top 55 Aladdin tattoos to get our creative juices flowing before you take a magic carpet ride to your favourite tattoo shop.


Abu tattoo by @darth_tigera_tattoos


Neo trad Abu tattoo by @michelabottin