Top 50 Game of Thrones Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

There’s just two Game of Thrones episodes left until the conclusion of season 8, and the series entirely. Once it’s all over, there’s but only one thing to do: get a GOT inspired tattoo!

We’ll admit that we have never watched the show but we do know a good tattoo when we see one. We’ve scoured Instagram for the best pieces and put together this collection of the top 50 Game of Thrones tattoos.

We were pleased to see such variety of characters chosen and reproduced in styles unique to the tattoo artist and their client’s desired concept. There’s Daenerys, dragons and dragon eggs, weapons, the Stark sisters, the Night King; the GOT gang are all here.

Given the blooper in last week’s episode, it won’t be long until someone adds a Starbucks cup to their new or existing Game of Thrones tattoo – it certainly wouldn’t be the silliest thing ever tattooed.

Now is the time to (once again) binge every episode and begin considering which moment, character or location from the series you could imagine getting tattooed on your body, and then possibly booking an appointment with one of the artists featured below.

There’s a few days until the penultimate Game of Thrones episode so take your time checking out our top tattoo picks.