Top 5 Spoopy ‘Shining’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

All realism and neo trad The Shining tattoos and no cute pieces makes LWG

…create a post of the spoopiest Shining tattoos!

Granted, this intro pales in comparison to that of Stephen King’s own words and even The Simpsons parody, we hope you’ll forgive us and go on to enjoy the cute Shining-inspired tattoo images we’ve selected for you.

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Danny (The Shining) themed Pusheen tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo new-school-the-shining-martyrietmcewen-1024x1024-3348892

New school Jack Torrance tattoo by @onemanriet


Spoopy twins from The Shining tattoo by @tattoosbymeri


New school Wendy Torrance tattoo by @kellydotylovessoup


Spoopy Danny Torrance tattoo by @tattoosbymeri