Top 5 Ron Weasley Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

When it comes to Harry Potter themed tattoos, there is very little love for Ron Weasley.

It would wrong to exclude Ron from Harry Potter Month purely due to there being so little content for this post, so down below you will find the only decent Ron Weasley inspired tattoos online.

These tattoos may not serve their intended purpose of inspiration for your own tattoo; however, maybe they’ll convince you to finally get that Ron Weasley tattoo you’ve always wanted – you’ll certainly have yourself a unique and rare piece.


Colour realism Ron Weasley portrait tattoo by @kristiankimonides


Ron Weasley’s dad driving through the Womping Willow. Tattoo by @ebony_mellowship


Black and grey realism Ron Weasley portrait tattoo by @jonjamesjammintattoo