Top 5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Who would think that something simple as a toasted sandwich of bread and cheese could be so delicious?

We can only imagine that millions of grilled cheeses are consumed each year. While the number of grilled cheese tattoos doesn’t even come close to that number, they do exist.

A grilled cheese tattoo could be so incredibly deeply personal, or as simple as it being one of your favourite foods. One thing to remember is that the concept behind a piece doesn’t have to dictate the style – you also have a choice to blend the new tattoo with existing pieces or be select a completely new style. Be bold and wear that grilled cheese tattoo with pride.

With the hundreds of thousands of tattoos we search through each year for LWG, food tattoos are just as normal as a person’s choice to get a tattoo of a fictional character, a musician or an animal. Non-tattooed people in your life and complete strangers may not understand your tattoo choice but remember that it’s their issue and not yours.

Do these tattoos inspire you to get your own grilled cheese sandwich tattoo?


Grilled cheese sandwich tattoo by @sami_lynne


Neo trad love heart grilled cheese sandwich tattoo by @taratimoon


Grilled cheese sandwich tattoo by @carlybaggins