Top 45 ‘Friends’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Are you truly a Friends super-fan if you have other tattoos but not a Friends themed one?

While the show didn’t focus so much on Halloween, it was known for doing dedicated episodes on the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, both of which have inspired some of the tattoos selected for this post.

Maybe you’re like Chandler and hate Thanksgiving; dying Christmas trees make you sad like Phoebe; your family has a yearly sporting tradition like the Gellers; or, like Ross, you struggle to explain religious celebrations to your children.

These tattoos will always “be there for you”, so remember not to copy an existing tattoo and ensure that your pick your tattoo artist wisely.

With 10 seasons and 236 episodes there’s plenty of content – from characters, quotes, and storylines – to inspire your own tattoo.



Friends couch tattoo by @alexstrangler