Top 40 Beer Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

We’re just a few weeks away from International Beer Day; how will you be celebrating?

Will you be throwing back some cold ones, enjoying some frothies, or bending an elbow? Will you be drinking lager, stout, pale ale, pilsner, or bitter?

There are so many slang terms for beer and such a wide variety of beer types, but there is only one list for the top beer tattoos that you need to concern yourself with – this one.

So, the question is: do you love beer enough to get a beer-themed tattoo? These 40 tattoos might help you decide.

Traditional style beer and roses tattoo by @leolunatattoo Neo trad Guinness tattoo by @alexdelacosa New school beer tattoo by @xevion_tattoo Cute traditional style beer tattoo by @tattoosbymeri Neo trad floral, couple and Guinness tattoo by @didactattoo Colour realism beer tattoo by @decker_art Blackwork skull beer bottle tattoo by @trash_haus Neo trad beer tattoo by @kepfoe Kawaii beer tattoo by @stabbygabby Memorial beer tattoo by @mylestattooer New school beer tattoo by @seangardnerisawesome Cute love heart beer tattoo by @chelseytattoos Traditional style VB beer memorial tattoo by Neo trad skeleton enjoying a beer. Tattoo by @siemor_ntc Bold abstract beer tattoo by @mambotattooer Neo trad VB beer can tattoo by @selfdiagnosed Traditional style tiger and beer tattoo by @greg_briko New school beer tattoo by @andrea_pinna_vespink

Mark these in your calendar

  • March 1 – Beer Day (Iceland – a ban on beer was lifted on March 1st, 1989)
  • April 7 – National Beer Day
  • First Friday of August – International Beer Day
  • September 7 – National Beer Lover’s Day


Beer tattoo by @jere_sece


Neo trad pretzel and beer tattoo by @zoltan_szente


Traditional beer tattoo by @digionicola