Top 35 Lisa Simpson Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Lisa Simpson is one of several characters Matt Groening designed while waiting for his meeting with James L. Brooks (founder of Gracie Films who produce The Simpsons). And, like with many characters in The Simpsons, Lisa is named after Groening’s younger sister.

Voiced by Yeardley Smith, Lisa is highly intelligent and fights for what is morally right. She’s the complete opposite to her brother; her love-hate relationship with Bart is a brother-sister dynamic to which many of us can relate.

Still just a 2nd grade student, Lisa is wise beyond her years. While she often yearns for intellectual conversations, she is still young at heart as she loves watching Itchy & Scratchy along with Bart.

As a middle child, a Lisa Simpson tattoo could represent yourself or act as a tattoo tribute to a sibling. If watching The Simpsons was something you’d always do with your brother then matching/connecting Bart and Lisa tattoos could solidify your brother and sister bond.

Considered one of the most difficult characters to draw due to her hair,
any skilled tattoo artist shouldn’t have any issues. Take a look at the 35 Lisa Simpson tattoos below and see how the design ideas are limitless.


Ehh. Lisa Simpson love heart tattoo by @alexstrangler