Top 35 ‘Clueless’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Ugh, as if you thought LWG wouldn’t do a post on Clueless tattoos!

The mid-90s movie left us wanting the lifestyles and wardrobes of Cher and Dionne, and lusting after a young Paul Rudd (Josh).

Clueless was not just another generic teen rom-com. The film dealt with the issues of negotiating friendships, romance, and discovering one’s self while transitioning from a teenager to an adult; the characters just did it all dressed far more fashionably, except for maybe Tai (pre-makeover) and Amber, if you ask Cher and Dionne.

At the time of publishing there are only 52 images tagged #cluelesstattoo on Instagram, but there are over half a million tagged #clueless, although not all necessarily movie-related. 20-plus years since the film’s release and memes, screenshots, and quotes are flooding the internet- the movie is that iconic. We did some digging and managed to track down 30 brilliant tattoos for you.

If, by the end of this post, you’re still convinced that you won’t be rushing off to book a tattoo appointment, LWG have two words for you: AS IF!


Stylised traditional Cher Horowitz tattoo by @lonerosetattoo


Cute and sparkly Clueless inspired pager tattoo by @chelseytattoos


Tai from Clueless tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo


Clueless inspired lipstick and pencil tattoo by @lilyjtattoo


Iconic yellow plaid love heart tattoo by @keelyglitters


Rollin’ with the homies plaid love heart tattoo by @lucybluetattoo


Stylised Tai from Clueless tattoo by @brittxwhitman


Super sparkly stylised Cher tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo


Cute gradient pastel ‘As If!’ tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo


Cher’s iconic yellow plaid skirt tattoo by @alexrowntreetattoo

Updated: March 25, 2020


Neo trad Cher Horowitz (Clueless) portrait tattoo by @paulacastletattoos