Top 30 Sucky Panther Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

The sucky panther phenomenon has caused much division in the tattoo community during 2017. The Instagram account Sucky Tattoos is mainly responsible for its fame and the subsequent avalanche of sucky panther themed tattoos.

There is no black or white – it’s either loved or hated. No matter your feelings or complete disinterest in tattoo trends, there’s no denying that the sucky panther will be a thing for years to come, or until something else tickles the internet’s collective giggle dick.

If you love the sucky panther then you’ll get a kick out of these 30 not-so sucky renditions – Star Wars fans, in particular, will love a few of these pieces. But, if you happen to hate the sucky panther (there are plenty of you, and that’s fine)… well, there’s plenty of other tattoo posts for you to check out on Littered With Garbage.


Chewbacca sucky panther tattoo by @mundy_s


It’s not a tattoo, but I couldn’t resist including this Lion King themed sucky panther baby Simba illustration.

Artist: @jamie_bonez

If you don’t want to commit to a lifetime with a sucky panther tattoo, you can get yourself a shirt instead. Click here for the online store.

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