Top 30 Black Cat Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

We’ve featured several cat-themed posts in the past, where we focused on particular breeds, but we made sure to save black cats for Halloween Month. Before we show you the tattoos, let’s learn a little more about black cats and how they became a symbol of superstition.

There are 22 breeds of cats that can have pure black coats, as one of several possible colourings. So, why is it that we’re taught to be fearful of one particular colour of fur?

Black cats are more likely to be male and most generally have yellow eyes. We won’t lie, if we were walking the streets at night and all we could see were a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the distance, we would be a little scared. However, this unnatural aversion to black cats runs much deeper.

Despite black cats being considered good luck in Britain (they’re mentioned in Scottish folklore and Celtic mythology) and Japan, most of the Western world sees them as bringers of bad luck.

The Pilgrims brought their staunch Bible beliefs and suspicions of black cats with them to the US. They deemed the animals associates of Satan and considered their human companions witches – and we all know how that ended for those people.

Due to this stigma that still remains, black cats are less likely to be adopted compared to other cats – this applies to any black-coated animal, actually.

To add insult to injury, the RSPCA has reported black cats were more likely to be abandoned because they don’t look photogenic in selfies; this is how shallow our society has become. Shelters in the US and Canada are doing their part to encourage more black cat adoptions. Each year, on Black Friday, they waive fees for anyone who adopts a black cat.

There are just as many positive superstitions associated with black cats as there is negative. So, this year (if you live in North America), forget midnight shopping and save a life instead.


Blackwork planchette, candles and black cat tattoo by @angeloparente


Traditional witch and black cat tattoo by @avalontattoo

black-cat-bones-aelliott2-8424773 Black cat and bones tattoo by @aelliott2


Black cat and tombstone tattoo by @angeloparente


Neo trad Dungeons and Dragons themed black cat tattoo by @shaneklostattoo


Demon kitty tattoo by @hayleyblackwoodtattoo


Black cat in a witches hat and jack-o’-lantern tattoo by @ryanxmcd


Floral neo trad black cat tattoo by @allday_jina


Sparkly crescent moon, bats and black cat tattoo by @linneatattoos


Illustrative neo trad black cat tattoo by @timtavaria


Traditional black cat and jack-o’-lantern tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos


Black cat tattoo by @crispylennox


Stylised black cat tattoo by @szymgo


Blackwork ghost cat tattoo by @ismonkah

cute-sparkly-black-cat-candy-corn-pastelxghoul-8392609 Spoopy black cat and candy corn tattoo by @pastelxghoul blackwork-planchette-candles-and-black-cat-tattoo

Blackwork black cat tattoo by @grahmatter


Decorative neo trad black cat tattoo by @olie_siiz


Neo trad black cat tattoo by @johnny_domus_mesquita


Black cat spider tattoo by @iris_lys


Spoopy black cat cauldron tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos

black-cat-jack-o-lantern-ell_torres_tattoos-1-5375123 Black cat, jack-o’-lantern and haunted house tattoo by @ell_torres_tattoos


Stylised black cat tattoo by @ericmoren0


Black cat tattoo by @lucybluetattoo


Black cat tattoo by @marcuuscampos


Sparkly black cat and jack-o’-lantern tattoo by @goldlagrimas

Updated: 25 October, 2019


Neo trad witchy black cat tattoo by @charlotte_eleanor88

sparkly-witch-black-cat-tattoo-by-sadboykurt-2357770 Sparkly witch black cat tattoo by @sadboykurt illustrative-neo-trad-witchy-black-cat-and-pumpkin-tattoo

Illustrative neo trad witchy black cat and pumpkin tattoo by @ninmesarra black-cat-tattoo-cover-up-by-charlotte_eleanor88-5960398 Black cat tattoo cover up by @charlotte_eleanor88 witchy-black-cat-tattoo

Witchy black cat tattoo by @sadboykurt