Top 20 Poodle Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

The origin of the poodle is often disputed, with both Germany and France laying claim to the breed. The 19th century was when people first began styling the dense, curly fur of these pooches – it was a sign of status in Victorian times.

The poodle is ranked the second most intelligent dog breed, behind only the border collie – apparently they have both good looks and brains.

Poodles are often crossbred with other dog breeds, producing many a silly name:

  • cockapoo – cocker spaniel x poodle
  • cavapoo – cavalier king charles x poodle
  • bernedoodle – bernese mountain dog x poodle

These 20 poodle tattoos are full of personality; just as a poodles fur can be cut (even coloured) and styled, you can be just as creative and wild with a poodle tattoo.

If you’ve been looking for ideas for your own poodle tattoo, then you’ve come to the right place!





Colourful floral Maltese poodle tattoo by @kshocs

Neo trad toy poodle tattoo by @clareclarity

Neo trad tattoo of Popcorn the poodle. Tattoo by @allday_jina


Neo trad poodle tattoo by @sulhong_tattooer


Cute traditional poodle tattoo by @dearchels

Neo trad poodle tattoo by @clareclarity

Neo trad dapper poodle tattoo by @marielleroyseth_art


Sketchy watercolour poodle tattoo by @tattooist_raice

Pink poodle primping tattoo by @samwhiteheadtattoos
pink-skater-poodle-tattoo Pink skater poodle tattoo by @charlinebataille