Top 20 Mick Foley Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

If there’s one person from the crazy world of professional wrestling that provides a vast array of ideas and inspiration for tattoos, it is Mick Foley.

When it comes to a Mick Foley themed tattoo, not only do you have a number of tattoo styles (or even a blend of two) to select, but you’ve got the Three Faces of Foley to choose from – make that four if you consider Mick Foley as a separate entity from his wrestling characters.

There’s the smiley face, Mankind’s mask, Mr. Socko, Cactus Jack’s barbed wire covered baseball bat, and Dude Love’s tie dye; which of these elements speak to you the most?

Due to these factors, and allowing your tattoo artist creative freedom, the end result will be a unique addition to your collection.

Check out these top 20 Mick Foley tattoos and be sure to “have a nice day!”


Kewpie Mankind tattoo by @rosspurvis


Mankind smiley face tattoo by @smurphytattoo


Stylised neo trad Three Faces of Foley inspired tattoo by @devilclawtattoo


Post-Hell in a Cell Mankind portrait tattoo by @blaxkwood666


The Three Faces of Foley. Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love themed tattoo by @paulacastletattoos