Top 20 Kewpie + Miniature Wrestling Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

A wrestling inspired tattoo does not have to be a large-scale colour or black and grey realism portrait. Have you considered a miniature or kewpie version of your favourite wrestler?

It is all in the name of sports entertainment so why not have some fun with your tattoo. A tattoo such as those featured below are perfect for that small spot you need to fill or if you love kewpies as much as we do.

Which of these top 20 miniature and kewpie wrestling themed pieces do you love the most?

We say this a lot, but it does bear repeating: Be Inspired. Never Copy.


Miniature Paul Bearer tattoo by @mike_stoll


Mankind kewpie tattoo by @rosspurvis


Miniature Million Dollar Man tattoo by @petepedersen


Miniature Iron Sheik tattoo by @benjaminraddatz


Miniature Kevin Owens tattoo by @bukshotart