Top 20 Ghost Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

The use of planchettes and Ouija boards during a seance are often associated with bringing spirits into the home. When these spirits refuse to leave and strange occurrences send the home owners crazy, forcing them to flee, the home then becomes a ooky and spooky haunted house. These themes have already been covered in Halloween Month, so today it’s all about ghosts.

Some people find comfort in believing that their deceased loved one is there with them in spirit. Others are deathly afraid of the supernatural and the unknown. And there are people who believe it is all nonsense.

Ghostly figures often come to us in different forms and you’ll find such variation in all these tattoo depictions of ghosts. We’ve got two additional ghost-themed posts still to come, so be sure to check back during the week.

Do you believe in ghosts? Would you get a ghostly tattoo? Scroll down for our 20 top picks of imaginative ghost tattoos, but try not to get too frightened!

neo-trad-spoopy-ghost-cover-ghoul-tattoo Neo trad ghost tattoo by @jodydawber Blackwork ghost tattoo by @suflanda