Top 20 Bart Simpson Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Before South Park and Family Guy, Bart Simpson was the bad boy of animation. “Eat My Shorts!” and “Don’t Have a Cow, Man!” was splashed over shirts and every piece of Simpsons merchandise imaginable. In fact, in the 90s, many schools banned students from wearing Bart Simpson shirts.

The biggest surprise when it comes to Bart is that the 10-year-old 4th grade student is actually voiced by a woman: Nancy Cartwright.

Bart is known for testing everyone’s patience – Homer’s especially – the chalkboard gag in the opening sequence, and prank calling Moe’s Tavern.

While he’s not known for his catchphrases these days, there’s nothing stopping you from basing your tattoo design around your favourite.

You could simply choose your favourite Bart Simpson moment to base your tattoo on, or get matching Homer/Bart or Bart/Lisa tattoos with your father or sister.

Our favourite scene is the flashback to when Bart steals Homer’s wallet and flushes his keys down the toilet. Which Bart centric Simpsons scene is your favourite?


I am so great. Bart Simpson tattoo by @rukus_tattoo


Sibling love. Bart and Lisa Simpson tattoo by @alexstrangler


Abstract illustrative raven Bart tattoo by @gooneytoons


Young Bart Simpson tattoo by @chrisstockings


Butterfly Bart tattoo by @gooneytoons


Bart and Lisa Simpson tattoos by @troyslackink


Bart raven tattoo by @dollytattoos


I am so great. Bart Simpson tattoo by @stickypop


Young Bart and Baby Lisa tattoo by @alexstrangler


Bart Simpson tattoo by @alexstrangler


Raven bart and donut moon tattoo by @lizatattoos