Top 15 ‘The Craft’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

You can’t have a discussion about 90s horror without including The Craft – it’s one of those films that every supernatural or horror fan need to see at least once in their lives.

The Craft follows a group of high school students (believed to be witches) who attempt to persuade the new girl to join their coven. After they each cast spells to resolve an issue in their lives, the girls soon learn that there are consequences for their actions, and that’s when the fun/terror really begins.

Neve Campbell went from studying and practicing witchcraft in 1996s The Craft to battling Ghost Face in Scream in December of that same year. Fun fact: Skeet Ulrich also happened to star in both films.

When it comes to The Craft fan tattoos it’s almost as if Nancy is the only character in the film, as the other three witches are generally ignored – the villain wins again. Despite it’s cult status, there are under 100 The Craft tattoos on Instagram; either people aren’t tagging their tattoos with #thecrafttattoo or #thecrafttattoos or there really are so few The Craft tattoos in existence. It’s time for that to change!

Take a look at our picks for the top 15 The Craft themed tattoos, watch the film and hopefully you will be inspired or encouraged to start planning your next tattoo.



Abstract black and grey Nancy tattoo by @hollieprycejones