Top 15 Tattoos From Literary Ink 2019 – Littered With Garbage

Only in its second, Literary Ink is fast becoming a favourite tattoo convention for tattoo artists and tattoo collectors alike.

Sharing a love for the wizarding world of Harry Potter has (from an outsider’s perspective) created a weekend full of fun where people can celebrate their fandom with likeminded people, all while having the opportunity to add some Harry Potter pieces to their tattoo collections.

Checking out the images from Literary Ink on Instagram just isn’t the same as attending the event, but it is the next best thing. We’ve selected our top 15 tattoos from the three-day convention to give you a taste of the caliber of artists the event is attracting.

Literary Ink will be back in 2020 so start that tattoo and travel fund!


New school mandrake tattoo by @nathanevans32


Ron Weasley’s dad driving through the Womping Willow. Tattoo by @ebony_mellowship


Hufflepuff badger wearing Luna Lovegood’s glasses. Tattoo by @ashleyluka


Blackwork Basilisk tattoo by @eddiestacey


Care Bears x Harry Potter Gryffindor tattoo by @stabbygabby


Stylised neo trad Queenie Goldstein tattoo by @ebony_mellowship


New school Dumbledore and Fawkes tattoo by @scottymunster