Top 15 ‘Supernatural’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

We’re a week late, but today we’re celebrating the return of Supernatural to television as it enters its 14th season.

Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunt all things supernatural, such as demons, ghosts, monsters and other creatures, with storylines based on myths, urban legends and folklore.

Apparently the show was stuck in development for a decade before its creator, Eric Kripke successfully pitched it to a network; the first four episodes rated well which prompted a full season to be ordered. The series was originally meant to run for just three seasons, which was extended to five where the main series storyline concluded and Kripke left the show.

For a show that may never have existed, now 13 years and almost 300 episodes later, Supernatural is the longest running fantasy show on television and has large, passionate fan base.

At the time of posting, there are over 5000 images in the Supernatural tattoo tag. Sam and Dean Winchester and Sera Siege are said to be the only ones with the anti-possession tattoo, although hundreds of fans now sport the very same symbol. While most of these are nicely done, we’ve chosen to put the spotlight on some more creative Supernatural themed pieces.

It’s not often that there’s so much content to access for inspiration. Choose from your favourite character, your favourite episode, or your favourite moment from Supernatural. Take a basic concept, hand it over to your tattoo artist and let them work their magic.



Traditional style Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna (Supernatural) tattoos by @missquartz


Traditional style Chevy Impala from Supernatural tattoo by @smile_you_sonuvabitch


Colour realism Dean Winchester tattoo by @seancahilltattoo


Supernatural polaroid photo tattoo by @kimdvtattoo supernatural-codydresser-7449041 Neo trad Supernatural themed tattoo by @codydresser pie-supernatural-mrtattoos89-8979271 Tattoo by @mrtattoos89 to represent Dean’s love of pie. lucifer-supernatural-kristiankimonides-5179416 Colour realism Lucifer (Supernatural) tattoo by @kristiankimonides first-blade-supernatural-hayden_tattoo-7441987 Neo trad First Blade (Supernatural) tattoo by @hayden_tattoo bobby-sam-supernatural-ebony_mellowship-5708715 Fresh neo trad Bobby and Sam Winchester themed tattoos under healed Castiel and Dean Winchester tattoos. All work by @ebony_mellowship sam-winchester-supernatural-kristiankimonides-9033394 Colour realism Sam Winchester portrait tattoo by @kristiankimonides healed-emf-reader-supernatural-karenawesom-7149418 Healed EMF Reader tattoo by @karenawesom


WIP colour realism Dean Winchester tattoo by @kristiankimonides


Colour realism Sam Winchester tattoo by @paulmarinotattoo


Colour realism Dean Winchester tattoo by @paulmarinotattoo