Top 15 Stone Cold Steve Austin Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

1996 was truly a breakthrough year for Steve Austin in the (then) WWF. Now, even over two decades later, his iconic Stone Cold persona guarantees that he will be remembered for being that bird flipping, beer swilling Texan who reveled in battling authority figures.

Stone Cold Steve Austin feuded with the biggest names in wrestling in the 90s, and without him the Attitude Era wouldn’t have been the same.

Just as Stone Cold stunned anyone he pleased, we hope you will be stunned by these pieces of the WWE legend.

Crack open some Steveweisers and check out these tattoos, but promise us that you’ll hold off drinking a beer (the night before/day of your appointment), otherwise we’ll be forced to open up a can of whoop ass in order to prevent you from ruining what could be another brilliant Stone Cold Steve Austin tattoo.

And that’s the bottom line…


Colour realism Stone Cold Steve Austin tattoo by @randyengelhard


Traditional Stone Cold Steve Austin beer can tattoo by @wantmaker


Stone Cold Steve Austin inspired snake and skull tattoo by @data81


Blood stained Stone Cold Steve Austin portrait tattoo by @xbenstubbsx