Top 15 Pretzel Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Now a common snack you can pick up on the streets of several major American cities (just like hot dogs), pretzels have a long and storied history. It is quite a contentious issue, but some believe that the doughy baked goods date back to monks in the Early Middle Ages.

You’ll find a wide variety of pretzels throughout the many regions of Germany – there’s sweet and savoury pretzels and some are even made from different flour doughs. One traditional Bavarian meal consists of lye pretzels, Weisswurst sausage and a side of mustard.

Time for a little science fact: the Maillard reaction is what gives pretzels (and even toasted marshmallows) their browned skin and unique flavour.

Pretzels were introduced to the United States through German immigrants in the 18th century. The majority of hard and soft pretzels are produced in Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia are renowned for their unique figure-8 shaped pretzels.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about pretzels, it’s time to get onto the tattoos. LWG presents to you the top 15 pretzel tattoos.


Traditional eagle and pretzel tattoo by @aaronfrancione


Abstract pretzel tattoo by @mizi.tattooer


Abstract illustrative pretzel tattoo by @vin_il


Love heart pretzel tattoo by @carolinederwenttattoo


Neo trad mustard and pretzel tattoo by @dink_ink


Philly style figure-8 pretzel tattoo by @alextattoosnc


Neo trad pretzel tattoo by @morgangatekeeper