Top 15 ‘Home Alone’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

For two such beloved Christmas movies, it’s odd that there are so few Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York themed tattoos in existence.

If, like us, you’ve seen the classic John Hughes films many times, then you’re aware of how creative Kevin McCallister was with his weapons and booby traps to defend himself and his home from the “Wet Bandits”, Harry and Marv. When it comes to your tattoo, be like Kevin.

A Home Alone tattoo doesn’t automatically have to be a portrait of Kevin [Macaulay Culkin] or anything too obvious. Re-watch the films and pay close attention to every detail and see what catches your eye or sparks your creativity. It could be a visual element accompanied by a quote or even a quote from the film within the film. Choose something to represent a favourite character, a booby trap, or one scene of the film that you always look forward to most.

Only six (now 14) tattoos made the cut – half the pieces are realistic portraits and the other half are more obscure references – but they should still provide inspiration and the encouragement to put a little more thought into your own Home Alone [or any film] tattoo.


Home Alone themed candy cane heart tattoo by @tattoosbytoni


Home Alone’s “Wet Bandits” themed tattoo by @mattpearl


Colour photo-realism Marv [Home Alone] tattoo by @o_kharin


Home Alone quote and can of Pepsi tattoo by @alexrowntreetattoo


Colour realism Marv [Home Alone] tattoo by @kylecotterman


“Buzz, your girlfriend, woof!” tattoo by @j00lie


Colour realism Kevin McCallister tattoo by @bmerck_ink


Updated: November 2019


Fuller McCallister portrait and Pepsi logo tattoo by @needles.t