Top 15 Harry Potter Wand Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

“The wand chooses the wizard” – Mr. Ollivander

This may be the case in the Harry Potter universe but, when it comes to your tattoo, you’ll be choosing the right wand for you.

The wood texture of the magic wand is a material which translates well to a tattoo, no matter the style. The surrounding elements are what really bring the concept of a wand tattoo together.

Use the tattoos here as inspiration, and channel all of your power and abilities (through your chosen tattoo artist) to create your own unique wand tattoo.

And, to make your tattoo experience that little bit more magical, pretend that the tattoo shop is Ollivanders Wand Shop – don’t worry, your tattoo artist doesn’t need to know.

Which Harry Potter character’s wand would you choose?

pastel-neo-trad-wand-tattoo Pastel neo trad wand tattoo by @hanahelizabethtattoo
double-exposure-hogwarts-and-wand-hand-tattoo Double exposure Hogwarts and wand hand tattoo by @fulviovaccarone
neo-trad-patronus-and-wand-tattoo Neo trad Patronus and wand tattoo by @labarbetattoo
bellatrix-lestrange-slytherin-wand-tattoo Bellatrix Lestrange Slytherin wand tattoo by @ladylisadoll
blackwork-hand-and-wand-tattoo Blackwork hand and wand tattoo by @lexymoshtattoo
neo-trad-hogwarts-and-wand-tattoo Neo trad Hogwarts and wand tattoo by @eathantattooer
neo-trad-slytherin-wand-tattoo Neo trad Slytherin wand tattoo by @felixxtattoo
neo-trad-floral-wand-tattoo Neo trad floral wand tattoo by @tanvandenbroek
neo-trad-hand-and-wand-tattoo Neo trad hand and wand tattoo by @chrissjacobson

decorative-neo-trad-hand-and-wand-tattoo Decorative neo trad hand and wand tattoo by @ebony_mellowship
sparkly-wand-tattoo Sparkly wand tattoo by @amandabrookstattoo
bold-neo-trad-voldemort-hand-and-wand-tattoo Bold neo trad Voldemort hand and wand tattoo by @codydresser