Top 15 Bubble Gum Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Some of our earliest memories of (and experiences with) tattoos involved bubble gum. We loved going to the local milk bar and buying those single pieces of gum with the money leftover from picking up some milk and the weekend newspaper. The surprise of the design of the temporary tattoo enclosed within the packaging was rather exciting in that day and age; really, it was more about the tattoo than the gum.

While the flavour of the gum didn’t last long, those tattoos gave days of enjoyment. The tides have now turned – a bubble gum tattoo will be ever-lasting and most definitely cannot be scrubbed off like a temporary tattoo.

The imagery of the free temporary tattoos was rarely something appealing, and definitely never something cute and pastel, but now the choice is all yours. These top 10 (15 as of September 2019) bubble gum tattoos feature gum ball machines, pieces inspired by Grease, and some cute and badass gals blowing bubbles with their gum.

How would represent bubble gum in a visual form?


Traditional style Frenchy from Grease tattoo by @lonerosetattoo


Colour realism gum ball machine tattoo by @haydentheartist


Pop art style woman blowing a bubble. Tattoo by @sarahktattoo


Traditional style gum ball machine tattoo by @senaeperro


Traditional style woman, snake and bubble gum tattoo by @ggtattoos


Traditional girl and bubble gum tattoo by @redliptattoo


‘More balls than you’ – gum ball machine tattoo by @melaniemilnetattoos


Neo trad Frenchy from Grease tattoo by @raquel_tattoofreaks


by @carolinederwenttattoo Stylised Frenchy tattoo by @ell_torres_tattoos


Hubba Bubba gum tattoo by @gabyunis


Bent back girl bubble gum tattoo by @ggtattoos


Spoopy gumball machine tattoo by @roxyrydertattoo


Black and grey with hints of colour Frenchy tattoo by @verylame