Top 15 Blink-182 Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

2022 will mark 30 years since Blink-182 formed. It was 1992 in Poway, California when Tom DeLonge (guitar, vocals) was expelled from one school and, at his new school, met Scott Raynor (drummer). One of their friends was dating Mark Hoppus’ (bass guitar, vocals) sister, and after being introduced to Mark the band was born.

The trio went through a number of names before settling on Blink. They would play shows every weekend and consider their demo, Buddha (1994) as their first release. What others consider their debut album, Cheshire Cat, was released in 1995. Recorded in just three days, “M+M’s” was the first single released from the album.

It was around this time that they ran into issues with their band name. There was already an Irish band named Blink which lead to the guys adding some random numbers and that’s how they came to be known as Blink-182.

What followed was their first nationwide tour along with several other bands, and even overseas gigs – Pennywise paid for their flights Down Under as the guys couldn’t afford to go.

Their success and popularity grew and in 1996 joined the Warped Tour before releasing their sophomore album, Dude Ranch in 1997. The following year Raynor was fired from the band and Travis Barker brought in to play drums.

Enema of the State (1999) propelled them to worldwide mainstream fame. “What’s My Age Again?” “Adam’s Song” and “All The Small Things” were all commercial hits. The music video for “All The Small Things” remains iconic to this day due to the band’s parody of the likes of the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, as too is the cover image for the album.

Blink-182’s fourth album, 2001’s Take Off Your Pants and Jacket went number 1 in the US. They went from that high to a crushing low as in 2002 as Box Car Racer, DeLonge’s side project with Barker, caused tensions between the trio.

Like so many bands together for over a decade, side projects, life and personal struggles lead to an eight year break between the release of Blink-182’s self-titled album in 2003 and 2011’s Neighbourhoods.

In 2015 Matt Skins (Alkaline Trio) joined after DeLonge’s departure. Blink-182’s seventh studio album California (2016) was their second to go number 1.

When the world fell apart in 2020, the band released the song “Quarantine”. And for even better news for die-hard fans, a new Blink-182 album is apparently set for release sometime later this year.

What’s your favourite Blink-182 album and music video? Has listening to their music during lock down left you with a desire to get a tattoo? These 15 Blink-182 tattoos are sure to make that desire grow. Just remember: Be inspired – never copy.


Colour realism Blink 182 album cover tattoo by @jordancroketattoo


Blink 182 and chill landscape tattoo by @mitch13tattoo


Kawaii Blink 182 logo tattoo by @roxyrydertattoo


Blink 182 album cover thigh tattoos by @freddiealbrighton


Blink 182 themed shot glass tattoo by @katweir


Blink 182 album cover tattoo by @joshwoods


Blink 182 x Aliens from The Simpsons. Tattoo by @ashleyluka


Stylised Blink 182 album cover tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo


Blink 182 themed calf tattoos by @estelletattoos


Blink 182 rabbit mascot tattoo by @bulman_tattoons