Top 13 Homer Simpsons x Donuts Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Besides beer, Homer Simpson is known for his love of donuts. Consuming so many of the sweet, doughy treats, Homer’s DNA is likely made up of 30% donuts (as well as beer) at this point.

In Season 5, Episode 4’s “Treehouse of Horror IV” segment titled The Devil and Homer Simpson, Homer sells his soul to the devil (Ned Flanders) in return for a donut. In a strange turn of events Homer never owned his soul thus didn’t have the right to sell it.

In an act of revenge, Devil Flanders turns Homer’s head into a donut. Of course, Homer can’t resist eating his own donut head because, in his own words, he’s “so sweet and tasty.”

Donut-eating or donut-head Homer – whichever you prefer, here’s some tattoo inspiration for you to devour.


Homer Simpson donut tattoo by @alexstrangler


Homer Simpson donut tattoo by @morguettetattoo


Homer Simpson donut tattoo by @ikostattoo


Bold Homer Simpson and donut face split tattoo by @stickypop


Donut head Homer Simpson tattoo by @gregscotttattoos


Donut chomping Homer Simpson tattoo by @alexstrangler


Homer Simpson donut head tattoo by @alexstrangler


Homer Simpson in donut heaven. Tattoo by @stephanie_melbourne