Top 12 Taylor Swift Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

If you’re a Swiftie you probably know all the facts we’re about to share with you, so feel free to skip straight to the tattoos.

Let’s start at the beginning: Taylor Swift was born in 1989, and as a teen her family moved to Nashville in order to start her career in music.

Taylor’s first album was released in 2006, but it was her second album Fearless (2008) which set her on her path to super-stardom. Often bands and musicians struggle with their sophomore album – Taylor’s was certified Platinum.

Taylor’s musical roots have evolved from her beginnings in country music into her dabbling in the pop, rock, electronic and synth-pop genres.

A target of the media for much of her career, Taylor has remained true to herself and continued to go from strength to strength. Across her 15 year-9 album career, Taylor has won 11 Grammy Awards and sold over 200 million albums worldwide.

In addition to releasing two new albums during 2020’s lock down, Taylor is also in the process of re-recording the majority of her studio albums due to her masters being sold. Fearless (Taylor’s Edition) was recently released, with more to follow.

If you’ve been considering a Taylor Swift tattoo we suggest thinking about specific songs and lyrics, a photograph, a still from a music video or any imagery you associate with her. Decide on a style and find the perfect artist who specialises in that style and can bring your vision to life. Until then, enjoy these Taylor Swift tattoos on your fellow Swifties.


Colour realism Taylor Swift portrait tattoo by @tater_tatts


Taylor Swift themed snow globe tattoo by @hanahelizabethtattoo


Stylised neo trad Taylor Swift tattoo by @earthgrasper


Blackwork Taylor Swift tattoo by @cuttybage


Taylor Swift themed tattoo by @nick_sarich_tattooer


Taylor Swift tattoo by @handshakesnaketattoos


Taylor Swift polaroid photo tattoo by @lilyjtattoo


Graffiti face Taylor Swift tattoo by @_mashkow_


Disney-esque Taylor Swift mermaid tattoo by @artsyshartsy


WIP colour realism part healed and part fresh Taylor Swift portrait tattoo by @amyedwardstattoo