Top 100 Baby Yoda Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

The Mandalorian television series debuted just a month ago and people have already lost their minds over the introduction of a new character to the Star Wars universe.

Widely referred to as Baby Yoda, the newest and cutest addition is technically named The Child or Grogu and is from the same species as Jedi Master Yoda.

Still considered an infant at fifty years of age, we’re happy to use this as an excuse to consider ourselves young, even as a 30-something year old.

We thought we saw a surge of tattoos upon the introduction of BB-8 but that fails to compare to the tattoo love being shown for Baby Yoda. We’ve collected the top 15 (now 100!) the internet has to offer – let us know which is your favourite.

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Neo trad baby Yoda tattoo by @yesitattoos


Baby Yoda love heart tattoo by @bobbymoustache


Baby Yoda tattoo by @moonchamps


Neo trad baby Yoda love heart tattoo by @rachelsmithtattoo


Baby Yoda tattoo by @codydresser


by @pony_tbr Baby Yoda tattoo by @brandoom


Baby Yoda tattoo by @mothershellytattoos


Neo trad baby Yoda tattoo by @ismonkah


Baby Yoda tattoo by @tattoosbystu


Colour realism baby Yoda tattoo by @jess_cavasshole

Updated: December 31, 2019