Top 10 Wrestling Themed Pin-Up Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Pin-ups have their origins in modern tattooing and, much like professional wrestling, the art itself has evolved from ancient practices. Now these worlds collide as we share the top 10 wrestling themed pin-up tattoos.

As we mentioned in our wrestling kewpies post, not every wrestling tattoo must resemble the real wrestler in a photo-realistic sense. Our imaginations, and the incredible creativity of tattoo artists, mean that we have the option go for something a little silly… or something sexy.

These are what you recognise as traditional pin-ups but with some wrestling flair. The pieces below have either been styled like the actual women’s wrestler or as a feminine version of a male wrestler; it just goes to show you that even the men can be transformed into curvy, badass babes!

Which wrestler would you love to see transformed into a pin-up?


Razor Ramon pin-up tattoo by @hayleyblackwoodtattoo


CM Punk pipe bomb promo pin-up tattoo by @chris_oakwood


Macho Man Randy Savage pin-up tattoo by @vincegenois


Bull Nakano pin-up tattoo by @data81


Undertaker pin-up tattoo by @data81