Top 10 Strawberry Shortcake And Friends Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

A character originally used on greeting cards – just like the Care Bears – Strawberry Shortcake will be turning 40 next year. Following the production of the cards, American Greetings released a Strawberry Shortcake rag doll later in 1979.

Muriel Fahrion, Strawberry Shortcake’s creator, designed a further 32 characters, all of which had equally delicious names based on other fruits and desserts (that reminds us, check out our collecting of food tattoo posts here). Each character owned a pet with sweet sounding name – Strawberry Shortcake had a cat called Custard. If you owned any of the dolls in the Strawberry Shortcake family you’ll remember that they had a scent that corresponded to their name.

From 1980-1985 a yearly Strawberry Shortcake television special was aired but ended as interest in the franchise waned and doll production ceased; a makeover in 1991 did little to revitalise the brand.

A decade later, Strawberry Shortcake was revived once more, again with a new look. This spawned a television series and soundtracks, along with Nintendo games (20 years after the first and only Strawberry Shortcake game on the Atari 2600) and even educational CD-ROMs. A line of Strawberry Shortcake figurines and a feature film were released in 2006.

2009 saw another relaunch, with a movie and 4 seasons (65 episodes) of a television series. Since then the manufacturing rights have been sold and purchased by and from several companies.

And, as if this hasn’t already been enough to wrap your head around, apparently there is meant to be another reboot this year.

Many of the toys we’ve featuring during Kawaii Month have followed the same path, with countless reboots and redesigning of characters, and yet most have failed to capitalise on their initial popularity and success. It’s pretty clear that the original is always best, and it’s what d what has inspired most of these nostalgic tattoos

There happens to bit of a scare going on in Australia at the moment, with needles being discovered in strawberries. The only time strawberries and needles should meet is when you’re getting a strawberry or a Strawberry Shortcake tattoo.

With Strawberry Shortcake tattoos in such small numbers, it was a nice surprise to discover a tattoo featuring one of the other characters from Strawberryland – you’ll have to scroll through to discover just who it is!


Strawberry Shortcake tattoo by @jawtattoos


Strawberry Shortcake tattoo by @staceymartintattoos


Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite tattoo by @stabbygabby


Stylised Strawberry Shortcake tattoo by @carly.kawaii


Strawberry Shortcake tattoo by @stabbygabby


Baby Blueberry Muffin tattoo by @stabbygabby


lemon-meringue-tattoo Lemon Meringue tattoo by @stabbygabby

blueberrykins-tattoo Blueberrykins tattoo by @stabbygabby