Top 10 S’more Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Who knew a three ingredient recipe could be so sinfully delicious?

S’mores are said to have originated in the US where they were a campfire treat. The recipe for a s’more first appeared in a cookbook almost a century ago and were originally called “Some More” but over the decades that was contracted to “s’mores.”

Constructing a s’more is as simple as placing a piece of chocolate atop a Graham cracker, sliding on a fire-toasted marshmallow, and sandwiching with another cracker. The heat of the marshmallow melts the chocolate resulting in a super messy but delicious delicacy.

A s’more tattoo may hold special memories of going camping with family or friends or be as simple as loving the combination of the three ingredients.

If you’re desperate for some more tattoos, how about a s’more tattoo?

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Healed s’mores tattoo by @mattsteblytattoos


Kawaii s’mores tattoo by @kadehydrated


Decorative neo trad s’mores tattoo by @jodydawber


Kawaii deconstructed s’mores tattoo by @ktrantattoos


New school s’mores tattoo by @tattacombs


S’mores gap filler tattoo by @kadehydrated


Sandlot inspired s’more tattoo by @matthufftattoo