Top 10 Rebel Alliance Symbol Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

While there are people who choose to get tattoos of Star Wars villains such as Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, there are those who have resisted the Dark side of the Force; rather, they’ve decided to tattoo the Rebel Alliance symbol on their body.

Much like with the Dark Mark symbol from Harry Potter, the symbol of Star Wars’ Rebel Alliance is found in abundance on Instagram. What makes these 10 tattoos special is that they’re truly unique because these tattoo artists have taken it to another level.

This doesn’t mean that you head to any local tattoo shop and demand that the artist copy one of these pieces – LWG (and any reputable tattoo artist) does not condone that behaviour. What these tattoos should do is spark your creativity, or encourage you to allow your tattooer creative freedom – that’s when the best tattoos happen.


Sketchy watercolour Rebel Alliance tattoo by @yeraytattoo


Neo trad flowers and Rebel Alliance symbol tattoo by @jrjock


Cute rose and Rebel Alliance symbol tattoo by @carolinederwenttattoo


Traditional floral Rebel Alliance symbol tattoo by @cdolsentattooer


Neo trad double exposure BB8 and Rebel Alliance symbol tattoo by @bprice1027


Black and grey Millennium Falcon and Rebel Alliance tattoo by @jayerictattoos


Neo trad Rebel Alliance symbol and lightsaber dagger tattoo by @jmwulfe