Top 10 Piñata Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

The piñata has a long history, but one which began in China – where they were associated with New Year celebrations – before being introduced to Europe in the 14th century.

The name piñata derives from the Italian pignatta. The Spanish introduced the tradition to Mexico in the 16th century only to discover that a similar tradition already existed in Mesoamerica.

Some form of a piñata is a tradition/game which is used for various celebratory purposes in many countries around the world, where a variety of materials are used for the shell (clay pot, watermelon), and it may contain prizes, candy, or even money.

In 2006, the video game Viva Piñata was released and even spawned a further three titles. And with the introduction of YouTube and social media, we can access thousands of home videos featuring piñata fails.

Now they’ve appeared in the tattoo realm and we’ve found the top ten tattoos to share with you all. Before we move on to the images, we’ve got two questions for you:

What hurts more – being struck by someone trying to hit a piñata or getting a piñata tattoo?

Also, if you’re interested in getting a piñata tattoo, which culture/tradition will it be inspired by? Let us know in the comment section.

Now, let’s get to these tattoos and have a smashing good time!

Colourful and sparkly piñata tattoo by @goldlagrimas Bold matching friends piñata tattoo (1 of 2) by @missquartz Piñata tattoo by @jess_koala_tattoo Pastel piñata tattoo by @merry.soul.tattoos

Smacking your tattoo during that horrible itchy healing phase is a common technique to avoid scratching and ruining your new ink, but sadly no candy will fall out of a piñata tattoo.

Traditional piñata tattoo by @skull_and_snake Tiny piñata tattoo by @littlerachtattoo Cute piñata tattoo by @bklynbeee Bold matching friends piñata tattoo (2 of 2) by @missquartz Traditional style piñata and client’s dogs tattoo by@vikingashley Neo trad piñata tattoo by @nicole_draeger