Top 10 Hermione Granger Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

When it comes to a Hermione Granger tattoo, you have the option of basing the facial features on Emma Watson or simply directing your tattoo artist to draw a witch with brown hair, in their signature style.

The tattoos which made it into this list are a good example of how ten artists can interpret one Harry Potter character, with vastly different results.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your choice of tattoo artist, the style they specialise in, and how much creative freedom you allow them.

Take a look at these tattoos, be inspired, and get to thinking about the kind of Hermione tattoo you envisage for yourself.

abstract-illustrative-hermione-tattoo Abstract illustrative Hermione tattoo by @rzychu
illustrative-neo-trad-dragon-potion-and-hermione-tattoo Illustrative neo trad Hermione tattoo by @betsywets
cute-traditional-style-hermione-tattoo Cute traditional style Hermione tattoo by @chelciedagger
stylised-neo-trad-hermione-tattoo Stylised neo trad Hermione tattoo by @danigreentattoo
traditional-hermione-portrait-tattoo Traditional Hermione portrait tattoo by @corijamestattoo
cute-traditional-style-hermione-tattoo Cute traditional Hermione tattoo by @redliptattoo
neo-trad-stylised-hermione-tattoo Neo trad stylised Hermione tattoo by @suzytodd