Top 10 Daisy Duck Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Introduced as Donna Duck in Don Donald (1937), it was in Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940) that Donald’s love interest was first introduced as Daisy Duck.

Daisy has three nieces: April, May and June, and is the best friend of Minnie Mouse.

Like her long-term partner, Donald Duck, Daisy wears no clothing on her lower half – her ruffled feathers are said to suggest a skirt. She is portrayed as sophisticated while Donald is immature, which causes tension between the pair at times, although she is deeply in love with him.

Despite her relationship with Donald, Daisy has featured in only a fraction of the number of films he has – most of them being over 60 years ago. Daisy’s most recent (although not all that recent) appearances include Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983), a cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988), and Fantasia 2000, along with a few direct-to-video films.

Daisy Duck is not always dressed in the same colours, but generally her blouse and shoes are pink or purple; appearances across several animated television shows have seen her wear different clothing and accessories.

When it comes to your Daisy Duck tattoo, clothe her in anything you choose because Disney and its characters all mean something different to each of us.


Sparkly love heart Daisy Duck tattoo by @carly.kawaii


Daisy Duck and Donald Duck love heart tattoo by @saraink88


Daisy Duck tattoo by @chrismorristattoos


Daisy Duck with Princess Leia’s blaster and ammo belt. Tattoo by @thebakery


Donald Duck and Daisy Duck tattoo by @chrismorristattoos



Daisy Duck tattoo by @keelyglitters


Donald and Daisy Duck love heart tattoo by


Burlesque Daisy Duck tattoo by @pretty_grotesque