Top 10 Budgerigar Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Budgerigars are an Australian parrot species that are found both in the wild and in captivity. Budgies, as they’re most commonly called, are clever birds that can learn to speak and mimic sounds.

Wild budgies are smaller than their captive counterparts, and are naturally green and yellow; although, through breeding there are tens of primary and hundreds of secondary colour varieties.

If you didn’t think these birds were any more Aussie, the budgie’s name is slang for men’s swimwear. Google at your own peril.

Budgies are only behind cats and dogs as one of the most popular pets in the world.

Despite their popularity as a pet choice, they’re nowhere near as common in the world of tattooing as cats or dogs.  There may be only ten tattoos here, but hopefully they will still provide you with some inspiration for you own tattoo. Just remember that budgies are just as worthy of a pet tribute/memorial tattoo as that of any other animal.


Budgies tattoo by @laurenharpertattoo


Traditional budgie and gumnuts tattoo by @avalontattoo


Neo trad budgies and strawberry tattoo by @alexisethomson


Budgie tattoo by


Traditional style budgie tattoo by @avalontattoo


Neo trad budgie tattoo by @fruduva

budgie-and-peony-tattoo Budgie and peony tattoo by @basrustynail